V International Security and Civil Protection Exhibition and Conference «KAZAKHSTAN SECURITY SYSTEMS 2019»
October 1-3, 2019 Palace of Independence, Astana, Kazakhstan

KSS 2013

From 11 to 13 September
the first International Exhibition of Security and Civil Protection «Kazakhstan Security Systems 2013» successfully hosted in Astana.

The exhibition was organized by «Astana-Expo KS» Exhibition Company. Official partners of the exhibition were JSC «Exhibition Company Group Bizon» (Russia), CCO Creative Consulting GmbH (Germany and Switzerland), COGES (France) and EDICONSULT INTERNAZIONALE (Italy).

Official support for the event was provided by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Internal affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, The National security committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana city administration.

«Kazakhstan Security Systems 2013» was officially opened by Smailov Zhanbolat Amangeldinovich, the Vice-Minister of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Sinitsyn Igor Mikhaylovich, the Deputy Sales Representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Bernard Refalo, the Deputy Director of the French land defense and security industry association GICAT, Mr. von Richthofen, the Defense Attaché of the Federal Republic of Germany in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Kanapyanov Saken Akhmetzhanovich, the Director General of the «Astana Expo KS» Exhibition Company.

Along with 38 domestic companies, more than 40 manufacturers from Belarus, Germany, Israel, Spain, Italy, Russia, USA, Ukraine, France, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Switzerland participated in «Kazakhstan Security Systems-2013» Exhibition.

Within these days, the exhibition was visited by representatives of the relevant Ministries and Agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the delegation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, the representatives of diplomatic missions from: France, Great Britain, Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Romania, and Poland.

2857 experts visited the exhibition.

The International security and civil protection exhibition «Kazakhstan Security Systems 2013» became the largest specialized exhibition on safety in Kazakhstan. Moreover, it proved itself as the center of business networking, an exchange of experience, interaction between state, scientific, design and commercial organizations.

During the Exhibition, the national exposition of France was created.

Famous manufacturing firms and suppliers of fire-prevention and rescue equipment presented their products. The Croatian company DOK-ING introduced their unique multifunctional robotic firefighting system developed to extinguish fires in life threatening conditions and inaccessible areas without human input. For the first time Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering Company’s EC-145 helicopter with medical configurations carried out landing on the open exhibition area of Korme Expo-Center.

The JSC «KAMAZ Engineering» company presented the line of fire trucks. JSC «811 Avtoremontny Zavod Kazakhstan Engineering» («Automotive equipment maintenance plant») demonstrated “Batyr” tractor truck designed for transportation of people, freights, towing of trailers and rescue efforts in the remote areas.


The Kazakhstan Company «Eurasia Motors» presented to the visitors a wide range of products: from boats models to snowmobiles and ATVs. In addition, the company carried out the test drive of a tricycle for Management of traffic police on the open area.


Tetis Pro JSC and TechnoSportCenterKazakhstan LLP introduced recent developments in production of underwater and diving equipment.


For the first time in Kazakhstan JSC «NPK FERRIPROM» company demonstrated SEALEGS, the unique New Zealand amphibious craft.


Exhibitors also provided a wide range of advanced solutions and means of public safety and law protection ensuring. Such companies as «Alma DK» LLP, «Magnum Plus» LLP, «Sayga Firm» LLP, JSC «Thermal Vision Technologies», JSC «Tynys» presented the equipment for Special Forces like modern non-lethal and combat weapons, optics and ammunition. JSC «NPF SIMEX» company showed the equipment for criminalistics laboratories. JSC «Integra S», «SMEU Astana» LLP demonstrated the monitoring systems of road traffic violations, license plates recognition.

«Pulsar Systems» LLP, «Three A Group» LLP, «RVi Group», etc. demonstrated the means for integration life support systems of large cities, including implementation of the municipal programs «Safe City». TRACIP, RCS LAB proposed technological solutions for Lawful Interception by law enforcement agencies, information security and fight against cybercrime.




The rich business program carried out in the frames of the Exhibition. The representative of the Konsel company (Kazakhstan) Kapustin S.A. touched upon the topics of modules and the battery of gas fire extinguishing, linear and thermal fire alarms, as well as he held short presentation of the «SALUTE» automatic gas extinguishing installations’ hydraulic calculation software. Golubev A.N. the representative of the «RVi Group» (Russia) told about new-designed products of RVi and creation of IP systems based on the RVi trademark equipment. The Deputy Director General of «NPO AMB» LLC (Russia) Aniskov R.V. held a seminar on the subject «Thermovision Equipment as an effective element of integrated security systems of critical facilities».

The Director General of «Evrocopter Kazakhstan Engineering». Tristan Seretta told about the future of helicopter production in Kazakhstan. The representative of DOK-ING d.o.o. (Croatia), Darmanyan Konstantin shared his experience in modern robotics application in the emergency conditions (Mine neutralization and fire extinguishing in especially dangerous conditions). The Chief Project Engineer (CPE) of JSC «PO Spetsavtomatika» (Russia), Pogorelova E.V. told about designing automatic fire extinguishing systems based on the aggregated knots and installations of JSC «PO Spetsavtomatika». Eva Cekuolyte reported about AGEM enterprise’s projects for material and technical supply of the civil, military and medical purposes on the Grupo AGEM Company’s presentation (Spain).

Visitors Statistics

Public authorities
Commercial organizations
  • 33%

    Ministry of Emergency Situations

  • 16%

    Ministry of Internal Affairs

  • 9%

    National Security Committee

  • 19%

    Ministry of Defence

  • 7%

    Financial Police

  • 3%

    Ministry of Transport and Communications

  • 13%

    National companies

  • 68%

    Manufacturers, official dealers

  • 15%

    Security companies

  • 17%

    Design organizations and installers of integrated security systems

The Media support was provided by the «Security» Magazine (Russia), «Firefighter and Rescuer» Magazine (Kazakhstan), the Information and analytical edition «SECURITY digest» (Kazakhstan), «SECURITY.KZ» Magazine (Kazakhstan), «Safe City» Magazine (Kazakhstan), «Armynews.ru» Internet portal (Russia), Expolenta.kz, Web-Site for designers of Kazakhstan «PROEKTANT.KZ» (Kazakhstan),

All the participants were awarded by certificates for their active participation in The International Security and Civil Protection Exhibition «Kazakhstan Security Systems in 2013».

List of participants Kazakhstan Security Systems – 2013

  • 2N Telekomunikace (Czech Republic)
  • 811 Autorepair Plant – Kazakhstan Engineering JSC (Kazakhstan)
  • Acmelight LLC (Kazakhstan)
  • AMB NPO LLC (Russia)
  • Aerolight Company (Kazakhstan)
  • AGEM (Auxiliar General de Electromedicina, S.A.) (Spain)
  • AlmaDK LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • Altynmed LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • Atac (Czech Republic)
  • Baiterek-Stan Company (Kazakhstan)
  • BonPetKaz LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • Cellebrite (Israel)
  • Darin Tel LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • DOK-ING d.o.o. (Croatia)
  • Eurasia Motors (Kazakhstan)
  • Eurocopter Kazakhstan Engineering LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • Eurosatory 2014 (France)
  • Favorit Co. SPC LTD (Russia)
  • FBDesign (Kazakhstan)
  • Ferryprom National Ferry Company LLC (Russia)
  • GICAT (France)
  • IMSRN Engineering for Disasters Prevention & Mitigation (France)
  • Integra-S JSC (Russia)
  • Istochnik Plus JSC (Russia)
  • IT’S Security Agency LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • KADEX-2014 (Kazakhstan)
  • KAMAZ-Engineering JSC (Kazakhstan)
  • Kazakhstan Story-Invest LTD (Kazakhstan)
  • Kazinfoservice LTD (Kazakhstan)
  • KONSEL Trade Service Company (Kazakhstan)
  • Korgau KZ LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • Live U (Israel)
  • Magnum Plus LTD (Kazakhstan)
  • Matiere SAS (France)
  • META Science Industrial Enterprise (Russia)
  • Mir Sistem Bezopasnosti LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • Mogotex JSC (Belarus)
  • Neosoft AG (Switzerland)
  • OutdoorWorld LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • Plath GmbH (Germany)
  • Polymedia LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • Pozhsnab-Astana JV LLC (Kazakhstan)
  • Pozhtechnika Aktobe LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • Prioritet LTD (Russia)
  • Proengin (France)
  • Pulsar Systems LLC (Kazakhstan)
  • Rapiscan Systems (Kazakhstan)
  • RCS S.p.A (Italy)
  • RVi Group (Russia)
  • Renault Trucks Defense (France)
  • Research International Inc. (U.S.A.)
  • Rukav JSC (Russia)
  • Russian Broadcasting And Emergency Alert Network, Federal State Unitary Enterprise (RSVO) (Russia)
  • SATES-Kazakhstan LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • Sayga Firm LTD (Kazakhstan)
  • Simex R&D Production Company LTD (Russia)
  • SMEU Astana LTD (Kazakhstan)
  • SMP-Service LLC (Russia)
  • Sorbent-Volish LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • Specmash JSC (Russia)
  • SpecPozhTech LLC (Russia)
  • Spectrum LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • Spetsavtomatika PO JSC (Russia)
  • Spetstekh LLC (Russia)
  • StarSat LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • Technokominvest LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • TechnoSportCenter Kazakhstan LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • Teko-TD LLC (Russia)
  • Tetis Group of Companies (Russia)
  • Thermal Vision Technologies LLC (Ukraine)
  • Three A Group LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • Tracip (France)
  • Tynys JSC (Kazakhstan)
  • Yegoza LLC (Russia)
  • Zaschita SPB LLP (Kazakhstan)
  • Zheide Trikotazhnaya Fabrika LLP (Kazakhstan)